Apply to Phoenix

We offer Secondary III, IV, V general academic path to earn credits to apply to vocational trade or earn high school diploma.

As our program is considered to be a youth sector high school program pathway, we do not offer part-time studies, only full-time schedules (36 credits). If you are 16 years + and are interested in pursuing part-time studies within a semestered system, you may want to consider adult education.

Please note that we cannot accept students who are currently in the Work Oriented Training Path (WOTP) as students must have passed cycle I (secondary II) in high school to be eligible to attend secondary III at Phoenix, nor can we accept students who are on modified learning programs.

Students who wish to apply at the secondary V level and who are 18 years old by June 30 must be in a position to graduate in order to be eligible to attend Phoenix.

The primary intake period occurs in May, June and August of a school year. It is not uncommon to have a waiting list for student applications.

Secondary school principals may refer students to Phoenix, but students themselves, parents, guardians may also inquire about the program.

Students interested in applying to Phoenix must attend an information interview, at which time their profile and academic skills will be reviewed to assess whether or not the program may be a good fit for the student’s needs. Students are requested to bring their most recent report card, the report card of the previous year, their releve de notes (MELS credit sheet), and any other pertinent documents to the interview. The Phoenix school team will communicate with the principal and school team of the school being currently attended.

We accept registrations on a continuous intake basis throughout the year, if space permits, but only up until term 3.